Today I went shopping for pants (not underwear, the kind you wear over your knickers), a basic necessity that every person needs and I’ve discovered I dont have enough of.

Just to set the scene, to brave the elements here you’re need to put on the following:

  • thermal top
  • thermal pants
  • jeans/pants/skirt/stockings – whatever floats your boat really
  • socks
  • tops – layering is key
  • scarf
  • beanie
  • jacket (goose down is the go)
  • hat or ear muffs (optional)
  • gloves
  • boots up to your armpits to keep legs warm

Women then need to somehow get their handbags over all of this attire.  The guys do like their manbags over here also ;-) Crumpler makes a pretty penny over here.

Once you get inside the shop you then need to remove your jacket, scarf, hat, gloves etc, as it is averages around 25c+ inside.

Now, for a lady who doesn’t mind a shop, I find this pretty frustrating because not only do you have to lug around all this gear, you need to take all the bloody layers off to try clothes on.  If you know me, you know that I’m not one to complain about shopping, but you seriously need a couple of Red Bulls before you do this ladies because it is a major effort!

Anyway, usually when you have your purchases, the warm & fuzzy feeling takes over and life’s good.

Not today my friends, not today.  I’ve discovered that to buy pants in China I either need to shrink about 4 inches, or perhaps loose about 10kgs. Every single pair of pants, leggings, jeans alike, were all ankle freezers, and not the couture variety either! Needless to say I will remain pantless in Beijing.

I bought a beautiful jumper dress and tights to make up for it and came home with the warm fuzzy feeling ;-) Who needs pants anyway !

It’s dinner time in Beijing, so now I’ll put my michelin suit on and venture out to meet the frenchman.