It’s Saturday, and I’m up with the sparrows. You may be thinking, “why’s this girl up so early”, well, I’m excited … for 2 small reasons.

  • Breakfast that awaits me
  • Forbidden City (maybe my breakfast should be forbidden too, particularly for my thighs).

Yesterday, I found a french patisserie, with a not-so-french name, WaffleBoy. Forget the name peeps, it’s what they deliver that counts.

It was like walking into pastry & custard heaven – I want to go to there …

Now, I don’t do this often, in fact never, but I’m officially on holidays so I figured, what the hell! I will walk around the forbidden city all day and work off every last calorie – my thighs will thank me later.

Welcome to this morning’s breakfast for two:

For all the beijingers out there, I highly recommend this place, get yo-selves there pronto.

Rating: Gold stars