@msadele because it was the only “tick box” that was applicable to me for quite some time. You know the drill ladies.

Adelaide born and reared by Italian parents who emigrated in their early adolescence. We’re Aussies with an Italian core. Married to a fine Frenchman, and together we made one fine son (he’s pretty amazing, yes, totally bias).

My stories span over the last 9 years of expat life starting in Beijing, France and now UAE.  We’re leaving the City of Lights for the sand pits of Dubai.

This blog was started when I first moved to Beijing in 2010.  I wrote a handful of posts and threw in the towel. Frankly, I thought my writing was unworthy of readers.  I’ve since learned there are some people who like to read my jabber, so here I am again.

So if there is a preceding word for amateur blogger, that is me. Be gentle.

A few important things to point out:

  • I have absolutely zero professional writing experience. My grammar and punctuation is all over the shop. Bear with me. Don’t be one of “those” people who corrects people publicly. No one likes those people.
  • I swear, a lot. Or I use tame words, to replace the swearing, because mother.
  • My photography skills leave a lot to be desired.
  • I work in the digital space, but I’m no creative designer or developer (I have total respect for these guys).
  • All thoughts and opinions are my own. I really love reading this, of course they’re bloody mine, who else’s would they be?!
  • With utmost sincerity, I mean no disrespect in any way, shape or form – I’m a lover, not a fighter.

This is a little place for me to share my thoughts, ideas and stories, mostly about toddler behaviour, throw in my day-to-day life, adventures, stuff that peeves me, stuff that brings me immense satisfaction, like getting home after work and putting my trackies on.  I’m an advocate of binge watching Netflix and eating popcorn with the famjam.  If you ask me out for taco’s and margaritas, we are BFFs for life.  I own shares in net-a-porter and my postman knows where to hide my deliveries ….ok, not true but it’s worth looking into that!

On a professional level my passions are digital transformation, FMCG eCommerce, omni-channel retail, CXM and social engagement. Supporter of net neutrality.

Hope you enjoy the Chronicles of msadele.

Adele xo
(now a formally a Mrs but always a Ms at heart)

Disclaimer: all view are my own and are not representative of anything other than my personal opinions, perceptions and ideas.