@msadele because it was the only “tick box” that was applicable to me for quite some time. You know the drill ladies. Life has changed now but I’ll always be @msadele in my great big little heart. 

Adelaide born and reared by Italian parents who immigrated in their early adolescence. We’re Aussies with an Italian core. Married to a fine Frenchman, and together we made one fine son (he’s pretty amazing, yes, totally bias).

Our humble abode is just outside the Paris ‘peripherique’. I’m like the ‘real housewives of Suresnes’. You’ll find no bs here, no sponsors, no fancy pants merch pushing, just a regular mum manoeuvring through her new Parisian life, strung together by a few French words and a love for life’s  adventures, my husband, my son, family and friends … and clothes, did I mention shoes? That I can’t afford :( because no one has hired me yet. They don’t know what they’re missing! My French is deplorable but I’m working on it.

I spend a pretty decent amount of time filling up multiple shopping carts (Cart abandonment STATS GO NUTS), scrolling Insta and fb, and reading the ‘what’s what of the who’s who’ on Twitter. Still fumbling my way around Snapchat (so gen x, right?!). LinkedIn and I are twins right now, because job hunting.

This blog was started when I first moved to Beijing in 2010.  I wrote a handful of posts and threw in the towel. Frankly, I thought my writing was unworthy of readers.  I’ve since learned there are some people who like to read my jabber, so here I am again.

New continent, new addition to the family and finally tied the knot. Things have changed. Hopefully my writing has too, for the better.

So if there is a preceding word for amateur blogger, that is me. Be gentle.

A few important things to point out:

  • I have absolutely zero professional writing experience. My grammar and punctuation is all over the shop. Bear with me. Don’t be one of those dicks who corrects people publicly. No one likes those people.
  • My photography skills leave a lot to be desired.
  • I work in the digital space, but I’m no creative designer or developer (I have total respect for these peeps).
  • All thoughts and opinions are my own. I really love reading this, of course they’re mine, who else’s would they be?!
  • With utmost sincerity, I mean no disrespect in any way, shape or form – I’m a lover, not a fighter.

This is a little place for me to share my thoughts, ideas and stories, mostly about toddler behaviour, throw in my day-to-day life in Paris, and my love of fashion, coffee, music, coffee, food, architecture and travel. On a professional level my passions are digital & FMCG eCommerce, mCommerce, customer experience, social and everything they entail.

Hope you enjoy the Chronicles of msadele.

now a Mrs but always a Ms at 💕

Disclaimer: all view are my own and are not representative of anything other than my personal opinions, perceptions and ideas.