Week one down.

I’m hurting though. 

Throw three years out of work together with an intense week of induction in French – suffering. The good kind.

So here’s a quick and condensed version of my first week back in the force:

  • First day, arrived home and passed out on the couch by 8:30pm.   
  • PC is fossilised. Yes, I said PC. Haven’t used Windows for 10 years. It’s a brick. I can make and drink a coffee in the time it needs to start up. 
  • Received my HP dinosaur on day 3. I’m told that’s pretty good in comparison to some others. Not complaining.
  • Contacted IT help desk. Received a response 2 days later. 
  • No webmail. 
  • VPN requires a dongle.
  • WHERE AM I?????
  • Chrome allowed but no google apps. 
  • No cloud.
  • Had many “where am I” moments.
  • French everything. Induction, keyboard (I’m sorry but QWERTY, ok), applications, documentation, training. So much French. Drowning. Assimilating. 
  • Heinous blisters on feet from several pairs of “comfortable” shoes. They looked comfy when I bought them but MURDERERS.
  • Got my first Program. Some newbies have been waiting weeks – feeling chuffed. 
  • Office is LIT. Beautiful. Great location. 4 tram stops from home. Winning! 
  • Had an oral French test and failed. Teacher suggested 2 weeks intensive training. I should be ashamed but I’m not. Actually content in knowing I can only get better.
  • Rooftop will be completed next week. Priceless. 

My current view. Not too shabby.

For every “where am I” moment there are a bahzillion “I’m so freaking lucky” moments so pretty much all the things I mentioned above are  trivial in the grand scheme of things.

Looking forward to week two.

Bon week-end a tous ! 

Photo credit: giphy. Arrested Development, my fav.