It’s been so long since my last post, that I dare not count the days in the fear that I’ll totally lose my mojo (for blogging!).

To the very few people who thought me interesting enough to ready my posts, I’m sorry.

There really are no excuse other than I’ve been in holiday mode, so engrossed in having fun, that it really didn’t enter the equation.  Perhaps there should be penalties for this, might give people the kick in the proverbial they need to keep blogging, or are most people adamant writers, who can’t let a day go by without putting fingers to keypad?

Nevertheless, I’ve made an oath to myself that I can at least manage one blog a week!  Although I haven’t signed up for the WordPress, blog a week challenge

So without further adieu, I’ll create a post tonight! NB: it will be short.

Tout de suite :)